ENG 101


Transnational Feminism

Last Friday I went to the MU in hopes to sit down and hear a conference about women remaking their lives in prison. But after the clock struck 3:30 and 20 minutes had passed I realized I went to the wrong conference. The conference I somehow ended up in was “Transnational Feminist Rhetorics, Challenging the Local/Global Binary”. For a moment I was fine with this, it still seemed like it had potential to be a great conference until once again I realized I misinterpreted what “transnational” meant. Apparently it has nothing to do with transgender people. But I did find out that transnational feminism is about the “intersection among nationhood, race, gender, sexuality and economic exploitation on a world scale.”

And in the conference there was not one set discussion about one topic but instead each member began to talk about the research they were individually doing that related to transnational feminism on a larger scale. Most discussed topics of race and how many events are unfortunate circumstances are happening on a local scale, like police brutality, and how it inventively relates to the global scale of transnational feminism. One discusses the racial prejudice of kids and teensĀ in Texas about teachers victimizing brown kids and having others students even hurt them.

They also discussed how race can affect one in even writing feminist rhetorics and many discussed how them being white cisgender females affect how they do their work and if it creates this kind of privilege. It was interesting to see that in this conference there was no set focus but taking the ideas and proposals of arrange of subjects and demonstrating how they all come together to demonstrate why transnational feminism must exist. Another topic many discussed was culture and how things in one cultures differs from another, specifically mardi gra beads of American culture compared to the Chinese workers who make them. They discussed how in our culture these beads are “All the rage” and women will strip just to get some and how they told the Chinese workers this and they couldn’t understand why so many people would get excited over them. They talked about this difference of culture and addressed where products come from, who made them, and if there is a similar understanding of what it is between producer and consumer, relating back to culture differences.

The conference had so many different topics it was hard to quite understand the idea but that’s what i realized afterward, that was the whole idea, to look into all these different areas and to find the connections.I guess my mistake ended for the best because I think now I have a much deeper understanding to my previous conception of feminism and i’m glad about that.