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S3 : Ep.10-13

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Hopefully i’m not the only one who finished the season in complete dismay, so many things happened in such a short time! Like who knew Piper would be so attached and protective of her business that she would cause any altercations if someone got in her way. Once it was found out Stella was the culprit of stealing Pipers money I wondered how she would go about it, since she was going to go ape shit on Flaka but since Stella is a technical lover who knows with Piper? Though her brilliant scheme of framing Stella, taking all the prisons contraband, and placing into her bunk showed a complete new side to the previously weak and quiet Piper Chapman. Now Piper does not care about consequences, nor others, nor about the rules, she’s a loose bolt and it seems the longer she’s in that prison only the deeper the whole she dug for herself is. Though I do want to point out that re watching the season I felt Stella’s character dint do much for the plot and it seemed like she was just purely there to create a tension in Alex and Pipers relationship and once that was done the writers just decided to take her out, I honestly believed they could have done so much more with her character. Maybe we’ll see more of her in season 4, possibly plotting her revenge. Who knows.

In the last few episodes we see more religion once again but instead of focusing on the “kindness cult” I’d rather discuss Cindy Hayes conversion. For most of the season it seemed like Cindy, like others, were just using Judaism as a way to cheat the system and eat meals that didn’t look like it had been ran over a semi 10 times. Despite bringing in a Rabbi to narrow down who really is a Jew or not, Cindy was the only one still devastatingly persistent in claiming she was a Jew. Though her determination to get Kosher meals was quite admirable it seems that in the end Cindy found real, true reason to why she should become a Jew. As seen in a flashback to her childhood Cindy lived under a household with a very strict religious father who probably is the sole reason she found no comfort in God or Christianity and with Judaism being there is no heaven nor hell but you must figure out your life and your actions for yourself. And for her to do this she must be “in it” she must practice Judaism and explore this new reality and maybe she will finally seek that freedom she never achieved from God or her father.

Speaking of freedom by the end of “Trust No Bitch” as some construction men are in the midst of replacing the fence Norma, and several of the inmates, see the whole in the fence as their pathway to freedom. Though they all know they cant really escape hundreds of them are still seen running as fast as they can so they can feel that sense of freedom from just being outside those prison gates. And the lake outside Litchfield Penitentiary is there escape, it’s their symbol of freedom that some have longed for for decades, even to some, like Norma, Leanne, or Cindy, can be a symbol of their paradise, heaven, and opportunity. The lake is that bit of happiness that we and many inmates have waited for, it’s caused new relationships like Suzanne and Maureen even new friendships like Soso and Poussey’s/Taystee’s group, and even spiritual awakening with Cindy’s mikveh. I hope the lake honestly plays a role in next season because it was such a bittersweet moment I’d hate to see it disappear.

By the end of season three we are left with a thousand questions. What will happen to the inmates that “escaped” to the lake? Is Burset going to return? What do the hundreds of new inmates mean for the future of the prison? What will happen to Daya’s baby? Will the TV Show chef, Judy King, play an important role in next season? And most importantly, is Alex still even alive?!?! I’ve never finished a show that left me with so many unanswered questions and it seems there are a lot of things in store for Season 4, and from seeing all that’s happened within just the last episode it could be the most interesting and dramatic season yet.


One thought on “S3 : Ep.10-13

  1. Well, we both know that I am happy for the season to be over, but I agree with you about Cindy. I thought the whole time she was just wanting the better food, but really what she wanted was acceptance. She had been searching for it her whole life and now she finally has something that is hers that she can hold on to. The fourth season will hopeful answer some of your questions, maybe I’ll watch just to see Daya’s baby 🙂


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