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S3 : Ep.1-2

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The key focus in the first two episodes of season three was relationships. Relationships between family, lovers, friends, or coworkers. In “Mother’s Day” all the inmates are finally given the opportunity to see their children and loves ones, which to some inmates is taken with wide open arms and with others annoyance. This represents not only the relationships between inmates and their family’s outside but how their situation and imprisonment can drastically effect that.

Many of the mothers like Maria Ruiz, Maritza Ramos, or Sophia Burset are overjoyed about getting the chance to see their loved ones. Then there are some who could care less, simply leaving their babies in the dirt just so they can get high. The Orange_is_the_New_Black_S03E01_1080p__1850event brought an abundance of emotions whether it be happiness, anger, indifference, or sadness it displays how much relationships not only affect us but those around us. For example Doggett who was unable to responsibly take care of any children and so had several abortions and when Mother’s Day comes all she is left with is sadness. But Big Boo is able to help her realize that in a way her decision was for the “best” because her children would have lived a hard and troubling life and their lives would negatively affect society’s. The show did bring up the controversial issue of abortion in an interesting way, and in one that didn’t make a huge deal out of the subject. The issue as it is, is hugely troubling and there is never a right or wrong answer no matter what happens there will always be a person whom struggles at the end. But it shows how Orange continuously is able to present common political, social, even racial issues that are overlooked in society in an effective manner.

It also shows the common mistakes and or bad parenting with children and how the way one parents directly affects how the child is brought up. For example Nickles who received zero affection or Orange_is_the_New_Black_S03E01_1080p__1475love from her own mother in which caused her to become distant and spiral downward into her own downfall. Maritza puts her baby to the side when things get gross or challenging, Sophia who gives her own son advice to just use women and even Aleida Diaz is unable to recite the names of her own children. All these small examples show how relationships can drastically affect someone and if not done properly in some cases can create individuals who will constantly make bad choices, like many of the women in Litchfield Penitentiary. Kind of displaying the circle of cause and effect that Big Boo brought up and how its directly exemplified with all the mothers and children during the first episode.

Daya and Bennett have finally evolved their relationship something I’ve been waiting three seasons four. The two have constantly been in a ditch, unable to pursue further because of their pregnancy issue. But after they were effectively able to put the blame on Mendez and Bennett was able to come clean afterward despite the new hardships their situation presented they were able to become even closer. Daya and Bennett were always the Orange_is_the_New_Black_S03E02_1080p__1121characters that you somehow felt that despite all the obstacles between them they would make the relationship work beyond all means. The moment Bennett proposed to Daya further proved this comfort with them yet once the involvement of Daya’s and Mendez’s mother came along and reality began to hit the couple everything went south. Bennett tried to take as much   responsibility as he could for Daya and the child, even visiting her family to see how his child would live once he/she was born. It was upsetting to see the environment that Daya’s siblings live in, and environment that is unhealthy and poses constant dangers from the only authority Orange_is_the_New_Black_S03E02_1080p__2099figures present to take care of them. It’s understandable as to why Daya’s mother would want her to give the baby up to Mendez mother, so that he/she could finally live a better more privileged life. Though after Bennett’s ordeal with the other family I have to say I was quite disappointed that he decided to just leave, to leave the bear and crib on the side of the road and drive off to no tomorrow. Bennett and Daya have been through so much and its sad to see that from this one obstacle it was enough for Bennett to question
everything. Hopefully in this season Daya will be able to figure out whats not only best for her but for her baby.

Alex and Piper have constantly had a strange relationship that most of can not fathom or even try to put reasoning behind. Their entire relationship is mostly build off lies, deceit, betrayal yet some how will all these components still manages to Orange_is_the_New_Black_S03E02_1080p__2032move forward. Completely baffling to me and possibly many of us. Their relationship contains a lot of passion which is kind of inspiring but makes one wonder if that’s all it really is, their is no trust when it comes to Alex and Piper. Both of whom have ratted out each other, whether it be from a crime 10 years ago or simply as a tactic for revenge to bring them back to the prison life. Again and again they have fights that create wholes in their relationship and even when they’ve confronted one another about actions that have caused them to come to prison they end it on “interesting” note with seemingly meaningless sex. Even after Alex confronts Piper with complete rage and anger they somehow end up escalating things into a more sensual way. I honestly think at this point there is no real connection or reason to their relationship but its just a means of relief from the constant problems they are having and will never actually develop into something more.


One thought on “S3 : Ep.1-2

  1. I enjoyed the first episode of this season because we saw a different side of the inmates. Doggett’s sadness was interesting to see, since before it was just a means to an end for her; now she’s seeing the consequences of what she did. Even if Big Boo was right in helping her to move on.


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