ENG 101

S2 : Ep. 10-13


Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E10_Little_Mustachioed_Shit_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_0316In episode “Little Mustachioed Shit” Vee is at the height of her authority, easily getting special treatment for herself and her girls, this includes front line access and extra waffles at breakfast. Even kicking out Rosa and ruining her breakfast just to have a table. And with this power and authority of course Vee tries to find ways to expand this even trying to take a hold of Red’s own business by threatening her family. Vee shows an obvious willingness to do what ever it takes to protect herself or get what she wants, evident in Suzanne’s beating of Poussey and even in her kicking out her daughter-like-friend Taystee. Because of her need for conflict and Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E12_It_Was_The_Change_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_2154authority she even creates a war between her and Red, with casual menacing threats out in the open that slowly drive Red crazy. After Red even tries to choke out Vee she stops and tries to call for a truce and with Vee’s manipulative nature she pleads that there is no reason to fight and they can just do what they do best. But as we all know Vee could never leave things like that, Vee cant be weak, she cant be equal with another, Vee has to be on top. And from this Vee bashes Reds face with a lock in sock. Despite her constant acting and manipulation what it comes down to is Vee’s conniving nature.

Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E13_We_Have_Manners_Were_Polite_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_1695And now it finally comes to Vee’s ultimate downfall, in some senses Vee could be seen as a hero especially in the eyes of her group and Suzanne. Providing them with care and sometimes protection and even means of power in the prison she could be easily seen as a Hero to them. But like in every tragedy a “hero” will always have their downfall. After her heroin collection is stolen by Nickles Vee begins to go crazy even threatening her own girls when she cant find it. Because of her need for power when her source for this goes missing Vee begins to lose control of herself forgetting about her kind, manipulative aura and Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E13_We_Have_Manners_Were_Polite_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_3136going straight to insane dangerous Vee. And because of her out of control actions it resulted in her loss of control of all the black girls. Without her other source of power, the girls who give it to her and let her be in authority, Vee contains to spiral downward only worsening her circumstances. She ultimately creates her own downfall , especially when she
chooses to escape the prison. And after this as she wonders the woods and comes out to the road Vee is faced with the ultimate karma of her past actions, and her final result is death.

Through this season we barely saw much interaction with Piper and Alex especially after she was set free. In the final episode we see a flashback to Piper and Alex’s relationships ten years Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E10_Little_Mustachioed_Shit_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_0154ago and I’m not surprised to find out that their entire relationship began in deceit. The fact that even then Alex cheated on her girlfriend with Piper resonates that even through the many years things rarely change. Yet after this Piper still chooses to continue dating Alex this possibly exemplifies that Piper has a drive for dangerous and possibly harmful relationships. Maybe she chooses to date Alex because she knows that all the problems and juvenile things they do just supplies her with an Adrenaline rush. It’s interesting however despite her constant questionable love for Alex at the end she chooses to contact her Parole Officer and tell him that Alex has violated. Fully knowing that when she does this the only outcome of it will be Alex returning to prison. It seems Piper is very codependent on Alex, and with her hatred of being alone, its obvious why Piper is willing to take low actions just to be with someone.

It’s surely comforting to see an inmate finally stand up to the unjust treatment and living conditions of the inmates, Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E11_Take_A_Break_From_Your_Values_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_0641even if it is from a very new an inexperienced inmate like Soso. Though her status is new she was able to gain several other inmates in her protest even that of Sister Ingles. And with Sister Ingles help she was able to make the protest/hunger strike be noticed by not only the prison authorities but of the outside world. Yoga Jones even brings up the common problem of the SHU and how it is used unfairly for inmates and is “inhumane and torture”. hopefully within season 3 these issues will be addressed more quickly.

With Fig out of the way one wonders how the prison and its environment will change under Caputo’s control, will it seemingly get Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E13_We_Have_Manners_Were_Polite_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_2735better or will start to fall apart with a new lenient figure in authority now? Though Caputo is getting things done and treating the inmates in a better manner the prison is seen falling apart not only with the reveal of Bennet being the father but also the escape of two inmates. Now whether this was just unfortunate events or just the beginning of the new chaos of prison we wont know till season 3.


2 thoughts on “S2 : Ep. 10-13

  1. I have to say I feel bad for Caputo. He finally got his demon out of the way, and once he lands his next position up the ladder – the whole prison descends into chaos. I was proud of Rosa for taking Lorna’s offer to escape from prison. She only has a few weeks left to live and she should be free to do it. If the prison system will be inhumane enough for compassionate release, the should be willing to let a dying old woman have her last days on earth in peace. V escaping and getting run down by Rosa was just karma coming back to her. V got everything she deserved for being the conniving, manipulating, insane woman she was.


  2. For the most part i agree with your post, however I see know way of “seeing vee as a hero” She displays fake kindness to get what she wants and as soon as she has it, she goes berserk once again. However, for the whole Fig incident, I actually feel sorry for her. Since she emezzled only to help her husband when it turned out he was only using her to get what he wanted. I dont know if it was just me but as soon as his “lover’ came in and told him that it was a very moving speech, i saw it.


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