ENG 101

S2 : Ep. 7-9

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      Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E09_40_OZ_Of_Furlough_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_1977 I’ve come to the realization that V is one “bitch” you do not want to mess with. From her previous status in prison to her current it is obvious that V knows exactly how to play the system. She’s a person who constantly feels the need to be the top dog or be head of the food chain. Which will obviously cause a lot of problems considering each racial group has the exact same need, though it may not be as strong. She is a ruthless person, even using her abilities to take out anyone in her path. This first being the Black woman that was leader before her
and then Red whom used her vendors to bring goods into the prison. It displays that V has a need to be in control of everything and basically dictate others. The fact she was able to betray a friend like Red early on by having her jumped makes one question what other sever actions is she willing to commit to get what she wants.Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E09_40_OZ_Of_Furlough_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_1208

From this comes to the theme of social hierarchy. Currently this is being challenged with each racial group trying to
find a way to get on top. And it seems that the only way to do this is to have means to offer inmates, V selling Cigarettes, Red bringing in goods, or Gloria just supplying the food. Back in Red and V’s day all it took was fear and intimidation to control the prison but now overtime with more lesser crimes bringing people in these women have to find different ways. Kind of portraying the outside world hierarchy in prison in which the people who run the country are actually those who provide the goods for consumers. In which big businesses are the real controllers and these women are just mimicking it.

Now it’s time for our star of the show, Piper. Piper has been granted furlough, something that is rarely if ever seen in prison. As she’s finally gain access to the outside world she’s faced with many of the common views of her. Mainly of previously being a Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E09_40_OZ_Of_Furlough_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_0752wonderful person, child, student and always doing good. And its interesting to see the also drastic
change as people immediately see her as this hard felon, even caringOrange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E09_40_OZ_Of_Furlough_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_0885 more about her imprisonment than the actual funeral they decided to attend. Piper even tells her father who believes she changed that the person in prison is the same person out. Those are Pipers true colors. And it goes to show that either Prison does truly change you, make you tougher or more hostile, or it just brings out the person you always were and didn’t want to admit to being.

Though I did also find it interesting how Healy chose to go above and beyond to help Piper despite his previous dislike and resentment for her. It seems like finally Healy is choosing to put his past feelings and views aside to actually become a helpful Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E09_40_OZ_Of_Furlough_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_1553counselor to these women. Through is own counseling he has realized he must slightly change his ways and fortunately he chooses to do this by being more involved and helping with the inmates. Even choosing to assist Pennsatucky with her similar anger issues, showing an obvious new appreciation and interest towards his job.

Finally I just want to add small details I found interesting in the series that didn’t particularly seem important to the average viewer. In “Appropriately Sized Pots” we see the final transformation of Suzanne and Piper’s relationship. Suzanne no longer feels the need to feel any guilt or feelings Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E08_Appropriately_Sized_Pots_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_1675towards Piper and in a turn of events during Pipers rant about furlough Suzanne responds by throwing her pie at her. A comical conclusion to Suzanne’s, “I threw my pie for you” which doesn’t just so change but also the development of V’s and Suzanne’s parental relationship. Suzanne finally uses V’s words to become more connected with herself and need only herself. In addition we’ve finally seen the tip of the crap iceberg of Larry and Polly, despite being the ex fiance and best friend of Piper Chapman they choose to have sex with each other. Which in all honesty is far worse than what Piper actually did, Piper did have sex with an old lover which is bad enough but Larry decides to sleep with Pipers bestfriend whom is also already married and has a child. So whose the true bad guy? The girl in prison or the guy outside?



One thought on “S2 : Ep. 7-9

  1. I really agree with where you went with Larry and Piper. Larry may have been hurting, but he didn’t need to drag Polly into it. He got mad at Piper for doing the same thing he himself did, except ten times worse. Larry did not know Alex, Piper loves Polly’s friendship and these two completely betrayed her. Larry is the true bad guy here, not Piper.


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