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S2 : Ep.1-2

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orange_is_the_new_black_s02e01_looks_blue_tastes_red_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1334   In the second season we once again see the harmful side effects of Alex and Pipers relationship. Piper came from a wealthy privilege background and grew up always following rules and was basically you’re classic goody-two-shoes. But after ratting out her fathers affair she was told by her grandmother that its is better to live with your secrets than to speak the truth. And from her father and grandmothers actions we can see why Piper possibly decided to live a more dangerous and adventurous life for a short time since technically it didn’t matter all that much to her family if you did the right thing. Piper finally decides to change this, to actually do some good by confessing on the witness stand of her knowledge of Kubra. For us we see this as a great improvement for Piper, she’s finally trying to do right after her crimes and her actions against Pennsatucky. But once Piper is with Alex and hears her words she suddenly decides to do as she says and forget her whole concept of right and wrong. Piper orange_is_the_new_black_s02e01_looks_blue_tastes_red_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1506and Alex are both harmful for each other and bring out the worst and the ability to lose any logic or reasoning.

The moment Alex confesses to Piper that she went back on her word and told the court the truth this causes a storm of anger for Piper. Because, unfortunately, Piper stupidly decided to put her faith into Alex and in return was screwed over. Once again. Now that Alex has been given her freedom back it puts to mind how this will drastically effect Pipers actions in the future. I believe at this point Piper is just continuing to spiral out of control, but with Alex possibly out of the picture how will Prison be for her now?

Now we move on to the character I have the most distaste for, Healy. I’m not surprised that he attempted to convince Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E02_Looks_Blue_Tastes_Red_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_x264-NTb_0782Pennsatucky that he never actually saw anything and therefor could have never known what events would transcribe. Even threatening her stating, “No one will ever believe a meth-addled hillbilly over me.” Just goes to show that despite his convincing nature to others Healy only cares about saving himself. Though Pennsatucky is an extreme religious supporter and actions are totally insane I have to give her props for blackmailing Healy into giving her new teeth. Demonstrates she’s a very smart women and knows how to make her way around the system. And well Healy really had it coming.

I’m glad the second episode began to address Taystee’s backstory and how said it was. She was never able to have a Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S02E02_Looks_Blue_Tastes_Red_1080p_NF_WEBRip_DD5_1_x264-NTb_1531nice childhood or have a great family to come home to. We even see that Taystee is a very intelligent women not only from her profound book smarts but her ability to do calculate numbers on the spot. Though it’s sad that Taystee was able to use her intelligence to help out a drug dealer you can see that Taystee gained a new found happiness with V. And despite running an illegal business Taystee had more of a family with V, the drug dealer, than in her group homes. Shows how some people stick with illegal activities or with the wrong crowd specifically because of the connections and relationships they formed around it. And this concept pertains to a lot of the inmates in Litchfield.


One thought on “S2 : Ep.1-2

  1. I didn’t catch the connection between Piper’s grandmothers words and fathers actions and the dangerous life Piper lived for a few years. I think the comparison was great and gave more information on Piper’s childhood. Piper and Alex’s relationship is toxic for both of them. Though Alex hit an all time low by convincing Piper to lie to the court, while in turn she told the truth and is walking free. Alex hasn’t been my favorite from the beginning, but she is horrible for Piper. Although I do admit that Piper was an idiot for not following her gut and telling the truth to the jury.


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