ENG 101

S1 : EP. 12-13


Sadly the first season has come to an end but we are once again left with anticipation to what lays ahead for piper and the other inmates. A lot of events happened in the final two episode that to say the least showed how unsuspecting at Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S01E12_KissThemGoodbye_net_0832times the series can be. Who knew after Claudette’s appeal crashed she would almost choke the life out of CO Fisher?     Truly sad that a seemingly sweet woman like Miss Claudette will be sent to Maximum Security.

In “Can’t Fix Crazy” Piper and Alex’s affair and relationship have come to an end, to which Alex assures Piper that she may never come back to her, no matter what. Forty Minutes later we see that once Larry has halted his and Pipers Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S01E13_KissThemGoodbye_net_0922relations Piper once again comes running back to Alex. Though some may believe it is Alex whom draws Piper further away from her reality and changes the way Piper is however in contrast I believe Piper is the one who solely craves Alex. Piper has been the one to start the affair, Piper is the one to send Pennsatucky to Psych, and Piper is the one to run back to Alex despite previously in the day breaking her heart.

Another previous theme that arises again is the common dehumanization of the inmates. This was clearly evident when Caputo talks with Fisher to get her to be more reserved and harsh towards the inmates. He states that these women “aren’t really people” and even shows that he doesn’t know what crimes the inmates have committed but just sees them all as killers especially the nun whom Fisher retorted that she was in for completely different and minor charges. Caputo exemplifies the common society views of criminals that they are all just dangerous criminals, that they don’t deserve to be treated like humans that they don’t even deserve to be given a name but “inmate”.

Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S01E12_KissThemGoodbye_net_0918Once Taystee comes back I was obviously saddened to see a good girl like her return to prison but after her moment with Poussey in the library her actions seemed reasonable. Once these woman leave prison they are no longer labeled inmates, but despite being free they only get another label of “convicted felon”. Taystee’s experiencing after prison
portrays the common story of many ex-inmates, how once they leave they aren’t truly given their freedom back. They have to commit constant check ins, tests, and even pay several hundred dollars in fees to the prison. Taystee shows that leaving prison is the easy part but living out of prison is the hardest thing of all. Being a convicted felon leaves one ultimately with no home to sleep under, no job to provide oneself for, and no freedom one dreamed of so much.

Now we comeback to my obvious distaste I have presented for Healy. In the final episodes we get a clear view of whom Healy is, a real asshole. Telling Piper that “marriage is a privilege and you are not entitled to it. And to use one of your delightful phrases go fuck yourself.” Now i’m unsure if his response was because of Pipers sexuality, her being an Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S01E13_KissThemGoodbye_net_1083inmate, or simply because of his anger towards her at the moment. Maybe all of the above. However towards the end of the final episode when Healy stumbles upon Pennsatucky ambushing Piper with a sharp pointed cross and he chooses to do nothing and walk away makes one wonder do the CO’s, prison, or society really even care what happens to these inmates behind those barbed wire fences. I really liked Healy when I first watched the series but re-watching Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S01E13_KissThemGoodbye_net_1089the first season I come to question how I ever did considering how uncaring he is of the lives of these women. From this conclusion one wonders, does society even care?


2 thoughts on “S1 : EP. 12-13

  1. I haven’t read a blog yet that has brought up Tastee. I agree that it was so sad to see her return to prison, almost like she would rather be there than out in the real world. I thought that once they left prison, they would have an easier time. Obviously, that isn’t the case, I forgot they have to write convicted criminal on their record now and not many people trust them. With Healy, I was starting to defend him because he was looking out for the inmates best interests in a way; but with the finale episode – i lost all respect for the man, CO’s cannot let their anger fuel their jobs, they have to protect the inmates. That’s what their being paid to do.


  2. I really like the post and I agree with you that Piper is the one that craves Alex and not the other way around.


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