ENG 101

S1 : Ep.6-8


Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S01E06_KissThemGoodbye_net_0130 It’s quite interesting that only after Piper is told that Alex “didn’t” mention her in the drug bust that she actually begins to take responsibility for her actions. As though Alex’s involvement was the only reason Piper felt she needed to push the blame forcefully onto her. As Piper states to her mother, “I made bad choices, I committed a crime, and being in here is no one fault but my own” we immediately see some character development. Though since the information Larry gave her was false we have no idea if these new realizations or feelings will play out for the better or worse.

In one case someone may say it to be for the better as Piper is seen through the episodes trying to find small ways to connect with Alex and apologize for the rudeness she has been displaying. In “Moscow Mule” we see that it is for the better after Piper and Alex are able to connect again on an emotional level through fixing the washing machine.Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S01E08_KissThemGoodbye_net_0588

However another would say that its obviously for the worst because Larry has possibly caused his fiance to resurrect her past emotions for her ex lover. Another point one might add that Larry has lied to Piper and the events resulting if Piper were to ever find out may be detrimental not only for the relationship between Alex and Piper but also between Piper and Larry. It will be interesting to see how this conflict will play out through the series and how it will affect Pipers actions to come.

Another underlying theme that has been playing is the obvious abuse of power from the CO’s and Healy. Porn Stache (I should really learn his name) repeatedly abuses his power not only by molesting the inmates or using them to complete his own sexual endeavors but also to commit his own illegal actions. Porn Stache uses his power to threaten Red into allowing him to smuggle his drugs through her and again Morello in the prison van.

The abuse of power is also evident in our “favorite” sympathetic counselor, Healy, when he tricks all the prison inmates into thinking they can actually have a say in how things are. And again when his attitude drastically changes with Piper Orange_Is_The_New_Black_S01E07_KissThemGoodbye_net_1085after she hands over the phone but refuses to really state who it belonged to. Obvious karma is portrayed after Penssatucky comments to Piper “You selling us out? For what,” and a few scenes later the only bathroom door is kicked in by another inmate when she can’t find the phone Piper turned in. Since the show is based, for the most part, on a true story it causes you to think how much of the worlds authority figures repeatedly abuse their power. This then relates to today with the repeated abuse of white power given to police who use it to continually shoot and kill black children and adults. And in turn most are never fired or charged and in fact get sympathy from thousands of people.


3 thoughts on “S1 : Ep.6-8

  1. I agree fully with the relationship status and how it could end up breaking Larry and Piper’s relationship. Some may say this is bad but I am rooting for their breakup! Go Team Alex. Good job Chey.


  2. I agree on that Healy is abusing his power. He just used the election as something to calm down the inmates, he never really cared about what they had to say though. When Piper gave him the phone, he should have held up his end of the deal, but instead he used Piper to get further in his job by handing in the phone. I also think that Healy gets karma at him when Piper goes above him to get the track reopened anyway.


  3. I really like the post and it’s true about Alex with Piper, character development can really be seen throughout the series.


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